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Providing the information that Downtown operators need to know

City Ordinances Going to City Council on August 15th

Restaurants, bars, music halls, food trucks, special events & festivals, nightclubs, diners, and live performance venues alike now have an ally! OHA’s mission to provide its members with the representation and resources needed to grow Orlando as an inclusive and vibrant destination for hospitality entrepreneurs and their patrons is something we take seriously.


Fueled by passion, creativity and sociability, the Orlando Hospitality Alliance has assembled a diverse and sophisticated coalition of members, advisors and partners who will help ensure that hospitality entrepreneurs are set up for success and that their pathways to growth are realized and accessible.


As residents, business owners, operators and employers, all members’ voices provide meaningful insight - and as the alliance that represents this industry’s local leaders, OHA aims to unify and amplify their voices. Our intention is to share the real needs and the real impact of this vital segment of our community.

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