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Creating A Local & Social Community


The Orlando Hospitality Alliance unites local & social businesses by serving as a dedicated voice for eating, drinking, dining, dancing, creating, entertainment, and live event experiences that distinctly personify Orlando’s colorful hospitality community. Orlando Hospitality Alliance is committed to supporting its members as a catalyst through advocacy, education, training, and brand-building benefits.


  • Advocacy

  • Equity

  • Collaboration

  • Diversity

  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Leadership

  • Optimism



The Orlando Hospitality Alliance is a not-for-profit association founded in 2021 to represent and serve hospitality establishments throughout the Central Florida area. Being one of the top tourist destinations in the United States – we know how vital our industry is to the local economic foundation and social fabric of Orlando. Not only do we aim to effectively advocate for equitable representation of our members but, also for the residents of our vibrant, diverse, and inclusive region.

We aim to bridge the gap between the hospitality industry, government, community, and local media. We advocate for a fair and equitable regulatory environment that removes barriers to entrepreneurship and job creation.  We seek to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens, streamline the permit and licensing process, cut the red tape, and represent the industry’s perspective on proposed laws, regulations, trends, and other matters impacting restaurant and nightlife establishments.

Members of OHA gain exclusive access to operational guidance; up-to-date information on the ever-changing regulations and trends; invites to industry-only training, educational and social events; and, a suite of customized services to help their businesses save time and money.


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