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Former Night Mayor launches Orlando Hospitality Alliance

Former Bar Czar/Nighttime Economy Manager, Dominique Greco, has just launched a new initiative to help support Central Florida’s hospitality industry, without the red tape associated with a city job.

“As the City of Orlando’s former Nighttime Economy Manager and a hospitality enthusiast, I am honored to bring this much needed support system to life for our local and social community. This is an important opportunity to unite an industry that is viewed as essential, but often needs an advocate to have its voice truly heard.”


The Orlando Hospitality Alliance (Facebook | Website) launched as a membership organization this week that will “unite local and social businesses by serving as a dedicated voice for eating, drinking, dining, dancing, entertainment, and live event establishment in Orlando.” The group is launching with over 70 member hospitality businesses with a goal of reaching 500 members by the end of 2022 according to an early press release.

According to the release, the alliance will provide support in three areas:

  1. Advocacy on hospitality issues

  2. Free education and training workshops

  3. Resources and benefits that support growth

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